Melissa Memorial Hospital
Holyoke, Colorado

Melissa Memorial Hospital, located in Holyoke, Colorado, is a 48,500 SF, one-story replacement facility. The hospital is designed as a 15-bed critical access hospital providing for 24 hour emergency care. The design is intended to present an image of a facility that provides quality healthcare in a friendly environment and one that fits in with the City of Holyoke. This facility employs concepts of the Planetree model of healthcare design that focuses on healing the body, mind and spirit by personalizing, humanizing, and demystifying the healthcare experience for patients and their families.


Side view of the main hospital entry The exterior architecture exemplifies an interesting mix of materials and forms that create a rhythmic flow of building massing.


Family Waiting Lounge The family lounge sits immediately adjacent to the inpatient bed wing, providing a bright and spacious place for families to gather.


Main Entry Lobby - The high ceiling main lobby space was designed with wayfinding and comfort in mind. Its upper windows provide a beacon when lights are on at night and its contemporary design and soft colors offer patients and their families a warm welcome and an orientation point of reference.


Nursing Station - The nursing station is centrally located to offer overlapping access and control of the inpatient bed wing, the labor and delivery suite, the emergency department, the observation beds, the family lounge as well as the outpatient waiting area.


Pre-operative and Recovery Areas - The hospital provides pre-operative and recovery areas adjacent to the operating room.


Operating Room - The new surgical suite was designed primarily for outside specialists that travel to Melissa Memorial for specialty surgeries. The new surgical area will not only help to increase specialty surgery volumes but will assist in recruiting a permanent general surgeon to the hospital.


Floor Plan - The Floor Plan emphasizes departmental adjacencies and clean and separate corridor flows.


Site Plan - Site Plan with future growth potential.